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Cause for Fr. Willmann’s beatification moves forward

The noble Cause for the Beatification of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ is currently being advanced by the Order of the Knights of Columbus (K of C) in the Philippines.

At present, Brother Knights are challenged to unearth additional materials and gather testimonies that will help support the Cause of Fr. Willmann.

With more than four decades of service and compassion for the Filipino people, Fr. Willmann unselfishly devoted his life in the country such that the Brother Knights now wishes to perpetuate his model life and virtues for all Filipino men to emulate.

Although some concrete moves had started to fall into place, the Jesuit Father Provincial in 2001 cited that it was premature for the Jesuits to promote Fr. Willmann’s Cause due to need to ascertain the existence of a true and widespread “fama sanctitatis” (reputation of sanctity). This worthy initiative slowed down and only few major activities were geared to pursue the Cause from 2002 up to present.

Meanwhile, a Resolution No. 25-2011 was approved on 19 May 2011 creating a National Executive Committee For the Cause of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ. The board decided to create a Working Committee and approved it during its first meeting on 1 July 2011 at the KCFAPI building Social Hall, Intramuros, Manila.

Men at Work

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is headed by Former Chief Justice and KCFAPI Chairman Hilario Davide, Jr. together with CBCP Media and KoC Spiritual Director Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio as Vice-Chairman. Members are Canon Lawyer Msgr. Joselito Asis; Willmann Charities Chairman Justice Jose Reyes Jr.; KCFAPI President Guillermo Hernandez; Willmann Charities President Alon L.Tan; Luzon State Deputy Arsenio Isidro Yap; Visayas State Deputy Rodrigo Sorongon; Mindanao State Deputy Balbino Fauni; KCFAPI Executive Vice President Ma. Theresa G. Curia; and Willmann Charities Executive Director Roberto “Bobby” Cruz.

The Working Committees provide an overall, top-level supervision, guidance and coordination and help establish a deep and widespread national awareness and appreciation of the life and works of Fr. Willmann.

The Willmann Charities Working Committee led by Fr. George Willmann Charities Inc. and KC Phil Foundation Inc. Executive Director Roberto “Bobby” Cruz has, as one of its tasks, to consolidate and finalize the reports submitted to the NEC. Comprising this group are Fr. Jeronimo Ma. J, Cruz; Carmelita S. Ruiz; Edwin B. Dawal; and Denise C. Solina.

The Publications Committee which is responsible for the origination, production, organization and continuous dissemination of relevant publication materials related to Fr. Willmann and his cause is headed by KCFAPI Executive Secretary Annie M. Nicholas. Members are Annalyn D. Malong; Juno V. Mancenido; Marrianne M. Malabanan; and Ma. Loreto S. Gregorio.

Chaired by KCFAPI Vice President for Finance Mary Magdalene G. Flores, the Ways and Means Committee on the Cause is responsible for the sourcing of the required funding for the implementation and realization of all activities for the furtherance of the Cause. Members of this group are Rowena M. Diapolit; Ma. Kristianne G. Pascual; Christine B. Valencia; and Jocelyn B. Panadero.

In order to promote the Cause of Fr. Willmann through available means of social communication, Promotions Committee was created. KCFAPI Vice President for Fraternal Benefits Group Joseph P. Teodoro leads the group with Ronald T. Vargas; Rudolf T. Gerard M. Elizaga; Adrian B. Boston; and Michael F. Medina as members.

The Research and Documentation Committee led by KCFAPI Vice President for Actuarial and Business Development Angelito A. Bala is responsible for the planning, organization and complete documentation of relevant interviews and testimonies to support the Cause. Members are Ira J. Tee; Celine B. Tabin; Greg E. Asis; and Gloria O. Alegre.

The Logistics Committee which provides the necessary logistical support to the NEC and to all other Working Committees and Support Groups for the Cause is headed by KCFAPI Senior Manager for Corporate Audit Pedro P. Lubenia. The latter’s subordinate are John Enri B. Danganan; Gerard Joseph C. Francisco; Lady Romelie M. Gatdula; and Rowena P. Patricio.

Support Groups were also created which composed of LUZVIMINDA State Working Committee. Headed by their State Secretary, each jurisdiction (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao) is predisposed for the effective implementation for the Cause of Fr. Willmann in their respective areas.

Moreover, the Chairpersons of the different committees are also members of the KCFAPI Working Committee on the Cause headed by devoted KCFAPI Vice President for Information and BC Holders Services Ronulfo Antero G. Infante. The committee cited ensures that all things are consistent with the objectives of the NEC.

Serve as the “consolidator,” the KCFAPI Working Committee ensures that a proper attention and monitoring will be given to all designated groups as they seriously, effectively, and efficiently pursue their defined share of responsibilities for the Cause of Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ.

The actions taken by the Working Committees emphasize that the fight for a Cause of “The Gentle Warrior” still continues.